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Factors Affecting Oil Consumption


Where did the oil go? Some of them run to the combustion chamber for the reason of "channeling oil". They are burned or formed coke deposits. The other part leaks out from the loosely sealed place.

Oil generally enters the combustion chamber through the clearance between piston ring and ring groove, and between valve and conduit. The direct reason for its intrusion is that the first piston ring throws the lubricating oil attached to it into the combustion chamber near the top dead center because of its rapid decline in movement speed. Hong Kong company registered, therefore, piston ring and piston mating clearance, piston ring oil scraping capacity, combustion chamber pressure and oil viscosity are closely related to oil consumption.

In terms of operating conditions, low oil viscosity, high engine speed and water temperature, excessive cylinder liner deformation, frequent starting and stopping times, excessive wear of engine parts and high oil surface will increase oil consumption.

The piston deviation caused by the bending of connecting rod and the insufficient shaping tolerance of the registered Hong Kong Company's body (marked by the wear of cylinder liner and piston skirt on one side of piston ring along the axis of piston pinhole) is also an important reason for the increase of oil consumption.

The use of twisted rings and combined oil rings has obvious effect on reducing oil consumption, especially the combined oil rings are light in weight, three pieces of structure have no pumping effect, are flexible, and have good adaptability to the cylinder wall. The rising rings make the side of the oil rings close to the ring groove.