“Caron’s patience and attention to detail ensured that our story was retold with accuracy. She listened carefully, responded with due consideration and asked thoughtful questions to help build a solid picture. All the while she was friendly, personable and put me totally at ease.”
Clive Ross

“From the first time I spoke to Caron her professionalism and integrity were obvious. She was gentle in her approach and yet coaxed me to unravel memories even I’d forgotten about. Even though she was interviewing me it felt like I was talking to a friend and I am delighted with the story she produced as a result.”
Francine Michaels

“Our story was never going to be an easy one to tell and talking to a relative stranger could have been daunting and difficult. But while Caron didn’t shy away from asking some tough questions she did so in a sensitive and perceptive manner. And importantly we were extremely happy with the end result and felt that the story she wrote was sympathetic. She clearly has a wonderful way with words.”
Daniel Lewi